Courtesy Car

Customer details

  • Please scan or take a clear photo of the front of your Driver Licence.

Vehicle details

Terms & Conditions

    The Customer agrees that he/she: 
    o Is the holder of a current open A Class Licence;
    o Has never been refused motor vehicle insurance coverage;
    o Will drive and maintain the vehicle in good working order, condition and repair and return it in the condition in which it was received;
    o Shall be responsible for payment of any parking infringement notices or fines incurred whilst in possession of the vehicle and will indemnify the company in respect of any such liability;
    o Will report to the Company and the police at the earliest possible opportunity the theft of the vehicle or any damage occasioned to it;

    Nothing in this Agreement shall confer on the Customer any interest entitlement or ownership of the vehicle. The possession and driving of the vehicle pursuant to this Agreement by the Customer in no way constitutes the Customer the agent of the owner for any purpose whatsoever.

    3.1 The vehicle provided to the Customer pursuant to this Agreement shall be resisted by the Company in the State of Queensland.
    3.2 The vehicle is insured by the Company in respect of damage sustained to the vehicle whilst in the possession of the Customer.
    3.3 In the event that the vehicle is damaged whilst in possession of the Customer, the Customer will pay to the Company whichever is the lessor of:
    o The sum of $1,500, or
    o The cost of repair of the vehicle.
    Unless the damage is occasioned at a time when the driver has in his/her blood greater than the prescribed concentration of alcohol or is driving under the influence of alcohol or a drug in which case the total cost of repairs is payable by the Customer.
    3.4 In the event of damage occurring to property of a third party arising out of the use of the vehicle in circumstances where such damage has been occasioned by the fault of the Customer the Customer shall be wholly responsible for any such damage and hereby indemnifies the Company in respect to any claim made in relation thereto.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE - Motor vehicle insurance policies which cover loss to the property of third parties sometimes contain a provision covering such damage occurring during the use of a substitute vehicle. We strongly recommend you contact your insurer to see if your policy contains such a provision before signing this Agreement

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