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3G Mainunit (5F) Updates

8R0906961J  - K22
8R0906961R  - K0114 NAR (A6 (4F),Q7,Q5,A4,A5) SW0116 SVM:3GHUS114
8R0906961T  - K31 EU/RdW (A6 (4F),Q7,A8 (4E),Q5,A4,A5) SW0143 SVM:3GHEU031
8R0906961AA - K31 EU (A6 (4F),Q7,Q5,A4,A5) SW0144 SVM:3GBEU031
8R0906961AF - K54
8R0906961AJ - K72 EU (A6 (4F),Q7,Q5,A4,A5) SVM:3GHEU072
8R0906961AS - K206 EU/RdW (A6 (4F),Q7,A8 (4E),Q5,A4,A5) SW0174 SVM:3GHEU206
(the K206 is K31 or higher!)
8R0906961BB - K0574 KR (A6 (4F),Q7,A8 (4E),Q5,A4,A5) SW0574 SVM:3GHKR574
8R0906961BD - K206 EU MMI 3G Basic (A6 (4F),Q7,Q5,A4,A5) SW0175 SVM:3GBEU206
8R0906961BN - K_0377 CN (A6 (4F),Q7,A8 (4E),Q5,A4,A5) SW0100 SVM:3GHCN377
8R0906961BP - K_0275 JP (A6 (4F),Q7,A8 (4E),Q5,A4,A5) SW0272 SVM:3GHJP275
8R0906961CC - K_0253 EU (A4,A5,Q5,A6,A8,Q7) SVM:3GHEU253
(the K_0253 is K206 or higher!)
8R0906961CF - ändert sich in 8R0906961CP
8R0906961CP - K_0133 US (A4,A5,Q5,A6,Q7) SVM:3GHUS133
8R0906961DF - K_0257 EU (A4,A5,Q5,A6,Q7) SVM:3GHEU257
8R0906961AB - Display Update SVM:3GHDISPLAY
(in K206, K0574, K_0377 and K_0275 already included)
8R0906961AL - DAB+ Update SVM:3GRU0098
(in K206, K0574, K_0377 and K_0275 already included)

3GP Mainunit (5F) Updates

8R0906961M  - K_066 EU (A6/A8/A7) SVM:3GPEU066
8R0906961AK - DAB+ Update (in 517er/518er included)
8R0906961AM - K_485 EU (A6/A8/A7) SVM:3GPEUK485
8R0906961AN - K_364 CN (A6/A8/A7)
8R0906961AP - K_264 JP (A6/A8/A7)
8R0906961BK - K_0517 EU (A4/A5/Q5 hybrid/Q7) SW0482 SVM:3GPEU517
8R0906961BL - K_0517 EU (A1) SW0483 SVM:3GPEU517A1
8R0906961BM - K_0518 EU (Q3/A6/A8/A7) SW0484 SVM:3GPEU518
8R0906961BT - K_0612 EU (Q3/A6/A8/A7) SVM:3GPEU612
8R0906961CA - K_0612 EU (A4,A5,Q5,Q7) SVM:3GPEU612AU3G
8R0906961CB - K_0612 EU (A1) SVM:3GPEU612A1
8R0906961CD - K_0614 EU (Q3/A6/A8/A7) SVM:3GPEU614
8R0906961CE - K_0614 EU (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPEU614AU3G
8R0906961CH - K_0284 JP (A6/A7/A8/Q3) SVM:3GPJP284
8R0906961CJ - K_0284 JP (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPJP283AU3G
8R0906961CK - K_0284 JP (A1) SVM:3GPJP284A1
8R0906961CL - K_0715 US (A6/A7/A8/Q3) SVM:3GPUS715
8R0906961CM - K_0715 US (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPUS715AU3G
8R0906961CN - K_0715 US (A1) SVM:3GPUS715A1
8R0906961CQ - K_0584 KR (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPKR584AU3G
8R0906961CR - K_0584 KR (A6/A7/A8/Q3) SVM:3GPKR584
8R0906961CS - K_0384 TW (A6/A7/A8/Q3) SVM:3GPTW384
8R0906961CT - K_0384 TW (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPTW384AU3G
8R0906961DA - K_0384 KR (A1) SVM:3GPTW384A1
8R0906961DB - K_0384 CN (A1) SVM:3GPCN384A1
8R0906961DD - K_0384 CN (A6/A7/A8/Q3) SVM:3GPCN384
8R0906961DC - K_0384 CN (A4/A5/Q5/Q7) SVM:3GPCN384AU3G
8R0906961DG - K_0770 EU (Q3/A6/A8/A7) SVM:3GPEU770
8R0906961DH - K_0767 EU (A4/A5/Q5/Q7)

Radio Plus

8R0906961Q - K_0029 EU (A6 (4F),Q7) SW0109 SVM:3GREU029
8R0906961S - K_0114 NAR (A6 (4F),Q7) SW0117 SVM:3GRUS114


8R0906961Q - K0029 EU (A6 (4F),Q7) SW0104 SVM:3GREU029
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