PowerBox - tune your car in 5 minutes

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Would you like your car to have more power when towing or simply in everyday driving and be safe at the same time? Euro Car Upgrades Performance Modules are the answer.

Not only they will increase the power and torque of your car by up to 35% but what`s equally important save your fuel up to 15%. Did you know that increased power and torque provides fluent and safer overtaking?

Performance Modules are programmed for your specific vehicle model, make and engine type. Installation is safe and seamless as the module is simply plugged into existing factory loom.

How the module works? The microprocessor adjusts the amount of fuel the module delivers, keeping the engine temperature at safe level.

Whats the differnece between the ECU remap and PowerBox?

PowerBox modifies only two of the three main parameters (boost pressure and fuel quantity) and is not able to change the injection angle / ignition angle.

Our Performance Modules are manufactured to the highest standards in Germany and tested localy by Euro Car Upgrades in Australia.

We offer 1 year Manufacturers Warranty and 14 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the performace.

  • easy plug&play module, removable in 5 minutes, does not affect warranty
  • adds up to 35% power and torque depending on a vehicle
  • Hermetic casing, very important if you use your car in the dusty/wet environment
  • optional interface for your iPhone / Android smartphone for easy tune management


Please fill this form after the purchase and we will prepare PowerBox for your car. ETA: 5-10 working days

Want to know the numbers before purchase? Let us know and we will send you the example dyno chart of your car & engine model.

Euro Car Upgrades offers diagnostics, installation & coding in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast QLD 54795555 and Australia wide

The installation for this system is $99 exc