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We specialize in diagnostics, electrical and mechanical repairs, chip tuning, log book servicing.

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We are located:

  • 18km from Caloundra
  • 21km from Coolum Beach
  • 35km from Noosa
  • 100km from Brisbane
  • 180km from Gold Coast

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  1.  Mercedes Truck Atego ECU Remap AdBlue Chip Tuning +40kw +130Nm Torque Fuel Economy Euro Car Upgrades

     Mercedes Truck Atego ECU Remap AdBlue Chip Tuning +40kw +130Nm Torque Fuel Economy

    This service is offered on site, mobile and via post or courier

    Search terms: Mercedes Truck Atego 813 1018 1217 1218 1318 1518 1618 815 816 817 818 918 1022 1222 1322 1522 1622 822 922 1024 1223 1224 1229 1324 1329 1524 1529 1624 1629 824 924

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  2. 2018 Audi Map Navigation Update Service MMI 3G 3G+ Maps OEM A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 Q7 Q5 Q3 A1 - Euro Car Upgrades -

    Latest Australia & New Zealand Audi maps update service available at your fingertips. We only use genuine Audi parts in the process.

    * Professional Installation Only *

    • Send us your head unit with a completed Booking Form > Booking link


    • Bring your Audi to our workshop in QLD, NSW or WA

    No shipping method required in the checkout process

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  3. 250 Point Vehicle Inspection And Diagnostics - Euro Car Upgrades -

    Comprehensive vehicle 250 point inspection and diagnostics

    Professional Diagnostics is the key to success in our business. That is why we use the most advanced equipment available on the market:

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  4. AdBlue Delete ECU Remap Tune

    Adblue is a mixture of distilled water and urea – the same stuff you’ll find in wee – and, when injected into the exhaust gasses, it can help to reduce harmful nitrous oxides (NOx).

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  5. AfterPay Payment method

    Same day shipping

    Buy now, pay later in 4 interest free installments.

    All you need is:

    • An Australian Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card;
    • To be over 18 years of age;
    • To live in Australia
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  6. Audi Amplifier Diagnostics Bang Olufsen MMI 2G Amp Repair OEM 8T0035223T Euro Car Upgrades

    Please send your Amp to Euro Car Upgrades, 30 Maud Street, 4558 Maroochydore, QLD Include the fault description and your contact details.

    To do so, please fill in our Electronic repair form.

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  7. Audi Volkswagen Skoda DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration FAP 2.0 3.0 2.5 4.2 TDI - Euro Car Upgrades -

    DPF Regeneration Service;

    • ODIS Factory Diagnostics System for Audi/Volkswagen/Skoda used for forced regeneration.  
    • DPF are regenerated back to factory standard if the filter is not clogged up above 80% capacity
    • This process takes a day to complete
    • Possibility to upgrade to Liquid Burn Off
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  8. Audi Volkswagen Skoda Start-Stop System Disabling Euro Car Upgrades

    Audi Volkswagen Skoda Start-Stop System Disabling

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  9. Car Service and Inspection- Euro Car Upgrades -

    Same day shipping

    Call us today to book your car in !

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  10. ECU Remapping Australia - ECU Chip Tune - ECU Remap - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Performance Tuning - ECO Tuning - Australia Towbars & Performance -

    • Tune engineered in house to suit Australian climate
    • 30 days money back guarantee
    • 12 months warranty for the file
    • Stock File & Remap File secured on our Servers
    • Optional on-road dyno with real weight check before & the tune
    Learn More
  11. Diagnostics Porsche PIWIS III

    Diagnostics Learn More
  12. DPF Delete - Diesel Particulate Filter fix flash tune FAP delete - Australia Towbars & Performance -

    A Diesel Particulate filter (or DPF for quick) is a filter determined inside the downpipe phase of the exhaust and is particularly designed to reduce the amount of Diesel Particulate rely on passing through. The goal of this clear out is to create cleaner / extra eco pleasant exhaust gases being released into the surroundings.

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  13. Dyno run AFR test printouts weight check 4WD 4x4 AWD - Euro Car Upgrades -

    Dyno run - without power limit - we can measure power in any car. Car will be weighten on the Race scales before the dyno run.

    We check the AFR (Air-Fuel ratio) during the test, we will advise if the current tune is safe. Printout provided with every dyno run.

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  14. EGR Off Fix ECU Remap Delete Exhaust Gas Chip Tuning

    Same day shipping

    Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is an effective strategy to control NOx emissions from diesel engines. The EGR reduces NOx through lowering the oxygen concentration in the combustion chamber, as well as through heat absorption. Several configurations have been proposed, including high- and low-pressure loop EGR, as well as hybrid systems. EGR is also used in gasoline engines, primarily in order to reduce pumping work and increase engine efficiency.

    Replacing a EGR at the manufacturer’s service station is very expensive, so many drivers choose to deactivate and physically remove it.

    NOTE: This is an off-road ONLY modification.

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  15. Full preventive gas recirculation cleaning service  - Euro Car Upgrades -

    Same day shipping

    Full preventative cleaning of

    • Manifold
    • EGR
    • Throttle body
    • Turbo
    • DPF

    Maintain and clean your EGR before it is too late. This will remove carbon deposits and soot in your EGR and other areas of the engine. Cleaning the surface buildup of soot at every service prevents excess buildup of soot from service to service.

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  16. DSG TCU Remap in progress - Euro Car Upgrades -

    Regular Price: $1,295.00

    Special Price $1,195.00

    • Increased shifting response times (up to 70% quicker shifting)
    • Torque limited adjusting
    • Automatic shifting control adjusting
    • Launch control (in some models)
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee & Cashback Refund

    Search terms: DQ250 DQ200 DL501 DSG gearbox TCU ECU remap tune chip

    Learn More

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