Our Story:

Founded in 2011, Euro Car Electronics has fast gained a reputation for excellence, attention to detail, and meticulous workmanship in the market for performance, electronics, circuit board repairs & auto electric repairs with cooperation APR, ECU Tunes, Australia Towbars & Performance, AWE Tuning, Rohana Wheels, and Blackvue.

Historically in Australia, most retrofits were not specialised and offered cheap, low-quality products to clients.

The team at Euro Car Electronics are specialists in European cars and have access to technicians throughout Europe which has enabled them to raise the bar in terms of their service offerings and the products they can offer their clients. 

Euro Car Electronics also have a strong association with respected companies such as Voltas IT, THOR Tuning, Manta Pro, and Ultra Racing.

Euro Car Electronics have gone from strength to strength due to their commitment to customer service, and combined specialist experience and skill set that is unique in this country. 

It is the place to go if you want your car to go faster and perform better.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday
08.00 am - 05.00 pm
and Saturday by appointment



45 Wises Rd
Buderim QLD 4556
Sunshine Coast
07 5479 5555


Euro Car Electronics Team:

Martin Westwood - CEO MBA Postg. Dip. Migr. Law

Martin Westwood

Carl Gilbert - Senior Service Advisor

Carl Gilbert

Caleb Stott - Electronics Engineer

Caleb Stott


Martin Westwood - CEO MBA Postg. Dip. Migr. Law

Martin Westwood - CEO MBA Postg. Dip. Migr. Law

A self professed “car fanatic”, Euro Car Electronics founding Director, Martin Westwood, has a particular love of European cars.

Martin worked in the UK for a number of years and after moving to Australia, he turned his hobby and passion into a business in 2011.

Martin was running a wakeboarding club in Townsville and being new to the area, had bought a GPS kit from Europe to fit into his car. “I had to do a fair amount of research and call on my connections in the industry in Europe to teach me how to retrofit the kit properly,” Martin said. “I was very hands on in the early days of the business and did the earlier installs. So I quickly learned how to reverse engineer to get a specific result.”

From this personal experience, Martin could see that this was not a unique problem and he started Euro Car Electronics.

I appreciate the quality and attention to detail that is synonymous with European engineering and manufacturing, I am a perfectionist myself and I wanted to develop a business that could offer better solutions for people who are passionate about their vehicles. We are nine years on and we are now one of the few companies in Australia that offer the retrofitting and performance services we do. I have carefully selected my team and I know they share my values around attention to detail and customer service.

Carl Gilbert - Sales & CS Executive

Carl Gilbert - Senior Service Advisor

A mechanic by trade, Carl cut his teeth working on Audis at an Audi dealership. “The difficult jobs used to be passed on to me,” Carl said. “But I enjoyed the challenge of figuring out technical issues that no-one else could fix.”

Around six years ago, Carl joined the team at Euro Car Electronics and oversees the technical issues that the company deals with.

Helping people with their upgrades is so rewarding, our clients want their cars to go faster and generally perform better and that’s what we can do for them. We have to stay in front of the technical aspects of our service offering and that is something I also enjoy. It means we can provide services that are unique.

Caleb Stott - Electronics Engineer


The man, the myth, the legend.