AdBlue Off fix disable ECU Remap Tune

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Adblue is a mixture of distilled water and urea – the same stuff you’ll find in wee – and, when injected into the exhaust gasses, it can help to reduce harmful nitrous oxides (NOx).

AdBlue Delete fix ECU Remap Tune

AdBlue is used in a process called selective catalytic reduction (SCR), an advanced pollution control technology installed in the exhaust system.

AdBlue is a fluid (made from Urea and purified water) that is injected into the exhaust gasses, cleaning the exhaust gasses before they enter the atmosphere, essentially cleansing and reducing harmful emissions. By reaction with the harmful nitrogen oxide gases in the exhaust harmless water and nitrogen is formed, it is specifically used to reduce emission of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust of diesel vehicles.

AdBlue is now widely used and has been a fundamental requirement for many types of public transport including bus, trucks and other diesel car models rolling off the production line since 2006. Some car owners might not even know their car makes use of AdBlue and without correct maintenance a lot of problems can occur. Our service can assist in reversing these problems.

SCR systems are very sensitive to potential chemical impurities and beside the risk of damaging the SCR system, failure to start due to low AdBlue levels in your tank or having to replace the pumping component are other common problems. Consumption is typically around 3% – 5% of diesel use (around 1 to 2 liters per 100km) which create enormous costs which can all be eliminated with our service.

It can become a very costly exercise to maintain a high quality of AdBlue, by reprogramming the ECU we can reduce the consumption of AdBlue in your truck\fleet or even completely disable the function.

Remapping the ECU can increase the trucks fuel economy and increase torque and performance for vehicles that are not meant for commercial and everyday use.

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