CarPlay / Android Auto MMi Prime

BMW CarPlay MMI Prime retrofit

CarPlay MMI Prime is a multimedia bridge connecting your phone to your BMW or MINI either wirelessly or via cable. It is fully integrated with the native iDrive display and controller, and feels and works like OEM BMW Apple CarPlay.

  • Compatible with 95% of BMWs produced since 2008
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay
  • USB multimedia and charging port
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Easy control with iDrive
  • Wireless Android Auto support
  • Supports Front and Rear View Camera retrofits
  • High-quality audio with an equalizer
  • Works with your existing iDrive screen (screen pictures for illustrative purposes only)
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Power Trunk

BMW Power Trunk Retrofit

  • Allows you to open & close the trunk by pushing a button on your remote key fob, trunk lid, or dashboard
  • Stops closing automatically in case of any obstacle for added safety
  • Lets you set the exact position the trunk lid opens to
  • Based on a high-end motorized system that makes the power trunk lift smooth and easy
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Front View Camera

BMW Front View Camera Retrofit

  • Helps you avoid scratches, dents, or other damages on your BMW front bumper
  • Lets you notice any hard-to-see objects and low obstacles in front of your vehicle 
  • Overrides the native iDrive mode with a full-screen camera image
  • Equipped with a wide-angle lens 
  • Produces a high-quality image
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Rear View Camera (MMI)

BMW Front View Camera Retrofit

  • Full-screen image
  • Compatible with all types of native iDrive screens
  • Activates automatically when the car goes into reverse
  • Allows adding a mirroring device or front view camera for a lower price
  • Compatible with BMW CarPlay and Android Auto MMI Prime
  • Produces a high-quality image  
  • Supports Static or Dynamic Parking Lines  
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Remote Start

BMW Remote Start Retrofit

  • Starts your BMW’s engine remotely to turn the climate control on
  • Allows you to set the engine running time between 10-40 minutes 
  • Controlled with a BMW key fob
  • Requires additional BMW key fob
  • Compatible with most F & G Series BMWs
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Android Auto Activation

BMW Android Auto Activation

  • Lets you safely use Android apps on your native iDrive screen
  • Uses your car's factory microphone to let Google Assistant hear voice commands 
  • Connects your Android device wireless to the BMW iDrive system
  • Provides audio playback through your BMW's stereo system
  • Makes it easy to switch between Android Auto and your car's standard interface using the iDrive controller 
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CarPlay Activation

BMW Apple CarPlay Activation

  • Activates Apple’s OEM CarPlay feature
  • Lets you safely use iPhone apps on your native iDrive display
  • Uses the factory car microphone to let Siri hear voice commands
  • Connects your iPhone wirelessly to the BMW iDrive system
  • Provides audio playback through your BMW's stereo system
  • Fully integrated with iDrive controller and dashboard screen
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6WB Cluster

6WB BMW OEM Digital Instrument Cluster

  • Features a fully digital setup and several sorts of animations
  • Offers different looks for three driving modes
  • Focuses on speedometer and rev counter gauges in Sport Mode
  • Emphasizes an economical driving style in Eco Pro mode
  • Displays the car in the center portion of the cluster in the real time
  • Consists entirely of genuine BMW parts
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Alpha One Amplifier

Alpha One Amplifiers — compatible with 97.4% of BMWs & MINIs

Our sound engineers have carefully crafted a variety of individually sounding DSP tune sets which we pre-load to your Alpha One Amp before it arrives at your doorstep.
This way you can switch between up to 10 different pre-loaded DSP tuning files and adjust the amplifier to the music genre and the way you like listening to it.

If you want to tweak the sound and have it adjusted to your personal preferences our sound engineers will be happy to connect with you and dial in the amp exactly like you want it.

Alpha One Amplifiers - compatible with 97.4% of BMWs & MINIs

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VividScreen - iDrive Display for BMW

VividScreen - iDrive Display for BMW

  • Provides twice the screen resolution compared to the OEM iDrive display
  • Enhances the quality of the image and contrast for a better viewing experience
  • Has the same design as the OEM iDrive screen to maintain the factory look
  • Supports SmartView BMW idrive screen mirroring functionality for using iPhone apps on the dashboard display
  • Compatible with many technological upgrades not available with the stock screen
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