Euro Car Electronics specialises in Circuit Board Repairs savings Clients' thousands of dollars

Euro Car Electronics, founded in 2011 has developed over the years to specialise in electronics repair and circuit board repairs. ECE has been involved in Audi VW BMW, Mercedes & Porsche Diagnostics for a number of years. 

Our team has learnt that most issues plaguing European vehicles are electronic problems and bugs. Australia, being the hot country, exposes vehicle components to extreme heat, sun and humidity. Majority of modules are highly affected by weather elements, especially by direct sun and extreme heat. 

This in turn leads to micro cracks aka dry solder or cold solder. Quite ofthen this can be diagnosed and repaired by qualified electronics engineer or circuit board technician. 


Please fill in our Electronics Repair form which contains Serial Number of your Electronic Component and our address. Then pack responsibly and post the unit to us. 


Euro Car Electronics is an experienced OEM Car Audio repair workshop based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Since 2010, we have had the experience of repairing thousands of stereos and giving the joy back to car owners. To keep up to date with technology, our technicians have some of the latest tools available to be able to diagnose, test and repair factory car stereo systems.

Because we have specialised in what we do, this allows us to provide a high level of quality and service in repairing car radio systems.

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What does Euro Car Electronics do?

We restore original factory car stereo systems back to working condition. A factory car stereo system is the audio system that was fitted to the car by the manufacturer. This can be your CD Stacker, LCD Display including the touch screen, Amplifiers, Navigation Drives, Bluetooth modules etc…

Our experience and skill allows us to perform component level repairs where required to restore functionality back. We are not scared to hit units with soldering irons and replace failed parts – this is the thing we enjoy to do! Replacing cracked touch panels, diodes, surface-mount components and even BGA chips are some of the things we do every day!

Diagnostics of Electronic component with Euro Car Electronics engineering team

We Diagnose & Repair Electronic Automotive Modules:


  • Cameras
  • Engine Control Modules
  • Amplifiers
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Displays
  • Ignition Switches
  • Steering Locks
  • Keys
  • Roof pumps
  • Sam modules
  • Throttle Bodies
  • Airbag Modules
  • BMW FRM units
  • Lithum-Ion Batteries
  • RNS 510 radios
  • MIB Navigations

We offer BGA re-balling services

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Part details

If you are sending more than one part, please fill separate form for every part (You can send them all together).

Please send the part to:

Euro Car Electronics Pty Ltd
45 Wises Rd
FAO Electronic Dept.
4556 Buderim QLD
Sunshine Coast

Additional details

Fill in the part number you find on the module. This will help us with locating the wiring diagram for the part number we are fixing for you.

ECE's Electronic Diagnostics includes the following steps:

  1. Disassembly: The module or component is carefully taken apart to gain access to its internal components.

  2. Visual Inspection: A thorough examination is conducted to identify any signs of corrosion, damage to components, or water damage.

  3. Microscopic Inspection: Using a microscope, a detailed inspection is performed to detect any dry solder joints or damage to pass-throughs.

  4. SMD Component Measurement: SMD (Surface Mount Device) components are measured using an oscilloscope and a multi-meter to ensure correct resistance and current.

  5. Repairing Micro Dry Solder Joints: Any micro dry solder joints are fixed, and the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is cleaned using Isopropyl alcohol.

  6. Reassembly and Sealing: The component or module is carefully put back together, ensuring proper alignment, and then sealed to protect it from external elements.

  7. Reporting and Recommendations: A comprehensive report is written, detailing the findings of the diagnostics process and listing the specific items that require repair. This report is provided to the client for their reference and decision-making.

These steps are aimed at thoroughly assessing the electronic equipment, identifying any issues or faults, and providing the client with accurate information to make informed decisions regarding repairs.