Ford Ranger 3.2 Diesel ECU Remap 166kw 595Nm Torque Chip Tuning Stage 2 Warranty BT-50

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Get extra 40 horsepower and 90-100 Nm of Torque by flashing your Ford Ranger ECU.

Ford Ranger 3.2 Diesel ECU Remap Chip Tuning Stage 2 166kw 595Nm Torque Warranty

Get extra 40 horsepower and 90-100 Nm of Torque by flashing your Ford Ranger ECU.

Ford Ranger has been in development with Euro Car Upgrades for quite some time. FoMoCo uses German Siemens Simos 208 Engine Control Unit ECU which enabled us to adjust the power & Torque of this already "torquey" vehicle. Ford Range has huge sleeping potential with massive 3.2 5 Cylinder Diesel Engine is underpowered from the factory. Without any major modifications, simply with optimising engine performance on a dyno, we are capable of remapping your Ford Ranger to over 220bhp and more than 595Nm of Torque. This vastly improves vehicle performance, especially on 3rd & 4th gear. You need less time, distance & fuel to achieve the same speed. No other upgrade brings a smile to the owner in a similar fashion. This is a must do for any Ford Ranger owner.

We can also Remap Gen2 Ford Ranger Ute which uses Simos 209 Computer.

Reading of the ECU data is performed on the Chip Tuning Frame and the data is then engineered by a Software Development Engineer who adjusts up to 51 items on the ECU, including limiters, turbo boost, air to fuel ratio, diesel injection to achieve a safe & effective "tune". The vehicle is then dynoed with our state of art on-road dynamometer. This is by far, the most accurate dyno measurement device, used mostly to dyno hyper cars with more than 1000NM and 1000bhp where traditional dynos cannot cope with so much power. This enables us to provide you with the data which is from the natural environment. It is a safer way to perform dyno testing as well as being much nicer to the environment. It also does not create so much noise. Once we have the data from your engine ECU, we use a "patch" which enables us to make any changes including putting your car to stock via OBD2 port on your vehicle. This means we can put your car back to stock in 15 minutes and enhance your car even more if you decide to upgrade other components.

Further enhancements & Free Stock Upload

Euro Car Upgrades can recommend further performance upgrades to Ford Ranger 3.2. Think Intercoolers, Exhausts, Cold Air intakes or simply high-flow  air filters. 

We also offer FREE stock file upload if you need to take your Ranger to Ford Dealer for a check-up. No trace of Chip Tuning, no worries with warranty.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee & Cashback Refund

Our Tunes come with Full 30 Days Money Back Offer. This means, if you don't like the way the car performs or are unhappy about the car performance, we will put it back to stock for you and refund you Full Cost of the Service. No hard feelings, no risk, completely hassle-free service. Don't risk dodgy tunes from our butcher competitors. This is a laboratory environment service. Clean workshop, professional staff specialising in Electronics & Performance Upgrades who provide Euro Levels of Customer Service. 

What is more, we offer up to $300 Cashback on your Remap. Yes, we will refund you $300 to your credit card or bank account. We want something in return. Brag to your mates, leave a testimonial, write an article on the forum, refer a friend. Every little helps. Contact us for further details or for group discounts.

Got questions? We got answers. Email a Performance Specialist now or ring Euro Car Upgrades 0754795555

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OEM Part Number RangerECU2
Brand ECE
Condition Brand new
Installation time (h) 4
Country of Manufacture Germany
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