Isuzu NP400 NPS250 NPS300 NPR 5.2 TDI 4HK1TC Diesel Chip Tuning & ECU Remap with DPF EGR Fix

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Euro Car Electronics presents the ultimate fix for Isuzu Trucks' 5.2 Tdi Engine. Our Euro Car Upgrades engineers have conquered DPF troubles by removing burn-off cycles from the Engine ECU. This breakthrough took a month of local truck testing and delivers a remarkable power boost – adding 100 Nm torque and significant power gains. Fuel efficiency improves by 2 liters per 100 kmh, encompassing exhaust upgrades and optimized engine breathing. The process is swift, taking just 5 hours via OBD2 or 24 hours with ECU shipping. We scan for faults and fix them through chip tuning. Note: EGR/DPF switch-off is off-road exclusive. Isuzu trucks can save up to 3 liters per hundred tuned and enjoy substantial power enhancements. Contact us for efficient performance gains.

NOTE: Switching off EGR and/or DPF system is an off-road ONLY modification. The car can be tuned with these systems still enabled.

Isuzu NP400 NPS250 NPS300 NPR 5.2 TDI 4HK1TC Diesel Chip Tuning & ECU Remap with DPF EGR Fix

Euro Car Electronics introduces the ultimate solution for Isuzu Trucks' 5.2 Tdi Engine. Our adept engineering team at Euro Car Upgrades has triumphantly eliminated DPF issues from the Engine ECU, effectively ceasing the frequent burn-off cycles. After an extensive month-long development period involving a local truck plagued by DPF problems, we're proud to announce resounding success.

Enhanced Power and Efficiency

The transformation is remarkable. The truck experiences a significant power surge, boasting an impressive 100 Nm increase in torque and substantial power gains. Moreover, our comprehensive approach has elevated fuel efficiency by an outstanding 2 liters per 100 kmh. This encompasses exhaust enhancements and optimizing the engine's breathing capability.

User-Friendly Process

Experience convenience through our streamlined process. Via the OBD2 port, the ECU can be easily reconfigured, taking a mere 5 hours. Alternatively, if you choose to send us the engine ECU, the bench flashing option takes 24 hours. During this process, each truck is meticulously scanned for faults, and all engine-related issues are rectified through our chip tuning.

Important Considerations

It's crucial to acknowledge that turning off the EGR and/or DPF system is intended solely for off-road applications. However, we offer the flexibility to retain these systems if desired. Isuzu trucks are poised to experience extraordinary benefits, including up to a 3-liter reduction in fuel consumption per hundred tuned, along with a substantial boost in pulling power.

Save substantially on fuel costs, elevate performance, and optimize your Isuzu truck with Euro Car Electronics' groundbreaking solutions. Contact us today to embark on a journey of efficiency and power enhancement.

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