Holden Rodeo 3.0 Tdi 4JH1 Engine Remap EGR off Isuzu Chip Tuning +38kw +85Nm Torque Limp Mode Disable

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Upgrade Your Holden Rodeo 4JH1 Engine with Euro Car Upgrades' EGR Off Isuzu Chip Tuning

Tired of lackluster power and persistent EGR problems in your Holden Rodeo? Euro Car Upgrades presents the solution. Our EGR Off Isuzu Chip Tuning process delivers a robust +38kW and +85Nm torque boost, eradicating EGR-related limp mode hassles.

**The Process: Precision and Results**

We access your ECU beneath the passenger seat, expertly desoldering a key processor using advanced Infrared Soldering. This enables our engineers to optimize boost, diesel injection, and air intake, amping up performance.

**EGR Erased, Power Unleashed**

We eliminate troublesome EGR data that triggers limp mode. With our precision process, your Rodeo experiences increased power and improved drivability.

**Comprehensive Care and Testing**

We scan your vehicle for faults before and after tuning, ensuring optimal performance. Our dyno testing simulates real-world conditions, confirming the tangible impact of our enhancements.

Upgrade your Holden Rodeo today with Euro Car Upgrades' EGR Off Isuzu Chip Tuning, and experience newfound power and performance. Contact us now for a transformative driving experience.

Make sure to watch 0-100 kmh acceleration video

Vehicles with 4JH1 Engine compatible with this service:

  • Pre Common Rail Holden Rodeo - we also do Common Rail one
  • Isuzu nkr200
  • Isuzu nkr77
  • Isuzu Sitec 125

4JH1 Chip Tuning Stage 2 Holden Rodeo online special only

Introducing Unleashed Power for Your Holden Rodeo 4JH1 Engine: EGR Off Isuzu Chip Tuning by Euro Car Electronics

**Unlocking Performance Potential and Resolving EGR Woes**

Holden Rodeo trucks with the 4JH1 engine have often been labeled as underpowered, facing common EGR valve complications. Euro Car Upgrades offers a powerful solution that transforms your driving experience. Our EGR Off Isuzu Chip Tuning not only adds significant horsepower and torque to your Rodeo but also eradicates the persistent EGR-related limp mode problems.

**The Challenge: Underpowered Performance and EGR Issues**

We understand the frustration of piloting an underpowered Holden Rodeo, especially when combined with recurring EGR valve troubles. But worry no more, as Euro Car Upgrades has mastered the art of restoring power and efficiency.

**The Solution: Holden Rodeo EGR Fix Chip Tuning**

Our expert engineers have devised a meticulous process that begins with accessing your engine's Electronic Control Unit (ECU), neatly situated beneath the passenger seat. The heart of our solution involves desoldering a specific processor inside the Engine Module, using our cutting-edge Infrared Soldering Device. This step unveils the key to your Rodeo's transformation.

**Power Unleashed: +38kW and +85Nm Torque**

With the processor revealed, our skilled engineers optimize your ECU data to yield remarkable performance gains. Boost levels, diesel injection, and air intake are finely tuned, boosting your power output by a substantial +38kW and enhancing torque by +85Nm.

**EGR Eradicated: Bid Farewell to Limp Mode**

The core of our innovation lies in erasing the problematic EGR data that has been plaguing your Rodeo's performance. Our meticulous process meticulously eradicates EGR-related limp mode issues, ensuring a seamless driving experience.

**Precision Process, Proven Results**

The entire process is meticulously crafted to ensure precision and effectiveness. Our engineers work diligently to alter data across the full spectrum of revs, enhancing your Rodeo's power output. Once completed, the reconfigured data is seamlessly written back to the ECU using the OBD2 port in your vehicle.

**Thorough Care and Testing**

Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop at the remapping. Euro Car Upgrades goes the extra mile by scanning your vehicle for faults both before and after the chip tuning process. This ensures that your Rodeo is optimally prepared for the enhancement, addressing any issues that only a professional remap can rectify.

**The Final Touch: Dyno Testing and Road Validation**

To guarantee the effectiveness of our work, we finalize the process with a comprehensive dyno test. We subject your Holden Rodeo to an on-road dyno test, simulating real-world conditions. This ensures that our enhancements are not just theoretical but practically impactful.

**Custom Performance Tuning: Tailored to Your Upgrades**

We're equipped to cater to unique setups, including bigger injectors and turbos. While this process demands additional time and expertise, our custom tune surcharge covers the intricacies. For unparalleled precision, a dyno session is highly recommended.

**Experience the Unleashed Power**

Revitalize your Holden Rodeo 4JH1 engine with the Euro Car Upgrades EGR Off Isuzu Chip Tuning. Say goodbye to underwhelming performance and EGR-related issues, and embrace a new level of power and driving satisfaction. Contact us today to embark on this transformative journey for your Rodeo.

Features & Specifications of the 4JH1 Remap:

  • Power increase of up to 50 BHP
  • Torque Increase of up to 85 Nm
  • Complete EGR valve Off service - EGR is disabled from your Engine ECU
  • No more engine lights due to EGR
  • Limp mode eliminated if related to EGR valve

Vehicles with 4JH1 Engine compatible with this service:

  • Pre Common Rail Holden Rodeo - we also do Common Rail one
  • Isuzu nkr200
  • Isuzu nkr77
  • Isuzu Sitec 125
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OEM Part Number 4JH1
Brand ECE
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Holden Rodeo 3.0 Tdi 4JH1 Engine Remap EGR off Isuzu Chip Tuning +38kw +85Nm Torque Limp Mode Disable