DynoRoad Car Test Portable Dynometer Road Dyno

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DynoRoad Car Test

portable road dyno can measure the power of passenger cars, sports cars, 4x4s, SUVs, vans, light trucks and heavy trucks! If you can attach the sensor to the wheel and accelerate the vehicle on a stretch of road, the Insoric will measure its power.

Fitting note:
Professional installation is required every time it is fitted to the vehicle.

DynoRoad Car Test DNR1.1

Insoric Portable Dynometer Road Dyno - This item has been tested by Euro Car Electronics on numerous vehicles - it is not brand new.

The Insoric portable dyno can measure:

  • power and torque
  • any acceleration (0-100 km/h, 0-160 km/h, 80-120 km/h etc.)
  • 1/4 mile time and speed
  • braking distance

The sensor has a resolution of 60 impulses per one revolution allowing for precise measurements.

The Insoric portable dyno has many advantages:
precision: if the weight and wheel circumference are correct, the margin of error is less than 1%
the vehicle is tested in its natural environment, with perfect cooling of all crucial components, which can be a problem while testing in a workshop,
the software was developed with road tests in mind - to perform a standard power test usually around 800 meters of relatively straight road is required.

The Insoric software allows comparison of up to 4 graphs and has in-built DIN70020 temperature and air pressure compensation.

Advantages over a standard roller set dyno:

  • no maximum power limit
  • the Insoric portable road dyno will measure any power as long as an adequate stretch of road is available
  • ability to test vehicle's acceleration
  • tests cars in their natural environment
  • does not take up valuable workshop space
  • price

Mobile test bench for Performance measurement of motor vehicles for unlimited measurements

Scope Of Delivery:

  • RealPower measuring module
  • Software RealPower
  • electronic documentation
  • 10 attachment systems
  • protective cap
  • USB-cable
  • USB-stick (licence key)
  • Quick Step Guide
  • quality certificate/security instructions
  • case
More Information
OEM Part Number v4.11
Brand Insoric
Condition New
Installation time (h) 1
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
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Professional installation is required every time it is fitted to the vehicle.


WARNING: This item requires professional installation to protect the warranty.
NOTE: Euro Car Electronics offers Installation Australia wide. Call 07 5479 5555 or find installer.
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